A Dog with a Belly Button

Enjoy a magical Christmas story from my past. I wonder what holiday miracles have happened in your life. Feel free to share. Happy Holidays!

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typewriterIf you’re like me at the start of springtime, you’ve got your mind on Christmas. Okay, maybe you’re not like me, but today I’d like to share a story with you that is both inspired by and brought to you by, you guessed it, Christmas.

Oh boy, do kids love Christmas. Am I right? Even as an adult, it’s still kind of exciting. I don’t take part in many Christmas traditions, but I do look forward to seeing the big tree downtown at Daley Plaza with Steve. Then we walk to Macy’s and pick out some funny ornaments for our own Christmas tree. It’s not a Christmas vacation, but it’s always a day I treasure.

Enough about Steve, for Pete’s sake! Let’s talk about someone jolly who wears a velvet red suit. No, not Steve…it’s Santa Claus. If you’re a little kid, please skip the rest of this paragraph. Seriously…

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